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Friday, October 24, 2014

Radio day, RAW and chocolate in California

A day of nourishing and taking care.

Early morning start for my radio show every Thursday 8am Pacific - California time. 

Had a bentonite clay. And a lemon water. 

Then a I had a peanut butter cup and an almond butter cup.

Notes from the Earth Diet book - today's radio show was focused on RAW. 

Stack of books! Every week on radio I am giving away so many great healthy things! :))) 

Signing books was so fun. Very grateful. 

Lunch was my go-to snack bars in California! That's it bars - made with two ingredients, my favorite the apricot and apple. With a vega chocolate peanut butter protein bar - new product they have cleaner ingredients! 

When asked "what do I really want?" I came to the conclusion that what I really want is to feel health at every single moment. That feeling of health we all know :) I can notice when I am out of health and then be able to bring myself back to it. 

Watched 10 Questions for Dalai Lama documentary - amazing. Inner peace and discipline. 

My clients are also friends! Today I had a coaching session with John! He just got his copy of the new book in! 

Still loving this moment from yesterday with Jill at Malibu Pier! 

Night time hot tub and study of the Earth Diet book! Used this time for physical exercise also. 

Had coconut milk chocolate peanut butter ice cream for dessert. 

Next Tuesday is book launch!!! OMG!!!! :)))) 

Love Liana 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Malibu earth diet day

Keeping in mind this, 

Woke up and saw this online :) green juice - best way to start the day! 

Breakfast! I love this Vitacost brand because: it has one ingredient; peanuts! And it's so smooth! With some raw chocolate.

Healthy Chocolate peanut butter combo...

Lunch at Malibu Pier... 

With one of the HEALTHIEST women I know!!! 

At Farm To Pier ... On Malibu Pier. They get ingredients from Malibu pier - it was amazing! 

And they grow their own on location! Wow! 

Company was excellent :) weather was amazing. Blue skies and sunshine. 

Green juice - apple and kale. Super sweet and very refreshing! 

With Jill !!! My beautiful friend who is healthy and eats amazing! Jill DeJong is founder of Models Do Eat and has been featured in Women's Health, Nike, Ralph Lauren etc. 

Lunch was amazing! 

Grass fed burger. And salad with grilled chicken. Protein lunch. With organic ketchup. 

Grateful moments! Today I counted my blessings. We also saw a beautiful seal today in the ocean! Gratitude creates health in the body instantly, real gratitude, like I was grateful it was sunny today - not snowing. Grateful for the company of Jill really beautiful energy, grateful for the amazing food and drink I had today - so clean and fresh! Grateful for the 2 clients I did one-on-one coaching today! Grateful for the Earth Diet Health Coaches and Ambassadors!!! 

California traffic was like 2.5 hours of phone calls and conversations! Haha! 

Dinner was Chocolate Peanut Butter cups! Recipe in the new book! :) 

My radio show tomorrow (every Thursday at 11am EST) is focused on RAW FOODS. Guest: Carol Alt ! Call ins are fun! :) 

Early morning for me - getting nourishment through sleep now. #radio show tomorrow! Every Thursday at 8am California time. Start the morning #healthy #carolalt is my guest on tomorrow's #RAWFOOD segment!   #theearthdiet book launch 

6 more days to book launch! :) wow 6 days - can you believe it?! It's been a long time coming!  ;))) :)

Started today with a radio interview with UK Health Radio - No it was Monday from JessicaOrtner's  when asked what motivates me .... What motivates me is this feeling of health that feels really good :) 

Love Liana 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Healthy and on-the-go

For us who live busy lives we make healthy work the best we can! There are great tips and tools, as well as healthy on-the-go foods to be successful at having a career and our health! 

The past couple days were busy getting ready for book launch.  

Monday was mostly spent on my computer sending emails. Also did an hour radio interview on Jessica Ortner's show that will air next Tuesday on 

I started the day with a lemon water. And then a Phresh greens. Powerful way to start the day by alkalizing the body and giving it so much nutrition. 

Then I had my favorite California snacks! That's it bars have just 2 ingredients! Really amazing. 

I ate whole foods for lunch - avocado and nectarine. Healthy fast food! 

I made sure to take a break in the evening for a one hour workout - I went walking outside and also a bike ride. Felt very refreshed after exercise. 

Dinner was chicken nuggets - recipe from the new book! 

I ate mine with grapes - great combo! 

I started Tuesday with a beet and green juice again! Such a great way to start the day! 

For lunch I was traveling to San Diego and so I had these travel snacks! Vega chocolate peanut butter bar, the That's It bars and Nibmor chocolate! 

I went on Fit Life TV with host Drew Canole - who is so amazing! 

We made a recipe from the new Earth Diet book with lemon, ginger and cloves - immune boosting, pain reliever and antiinflammatory! 

After filming we went to Sol Cal a new healthy organic juice and food cafe! Left is owner Jacob and Anne is the chef! 

Enjoyed the most amazing gluten free waffles made with almond flour, with coconut cream! Drew had a quinoa burger! 

First time trying this new raw chocolate brand! I love the packaging! The chocolate is amazing too! One of the ingredients is a bit strange though - purple corn extract. 

This is what foodies do! Take photos of the food to share with you all before we eat! Haha! 

I came back to my California base and had an amazing package delivery from Vitacost! They delivered overnight so now I am going to make a huge batch of chocolate peanut butter cups ;) also got these beautiful flowers from Howard CEO Phresh Products. Grateful. 

Dinner was green tea and a spoon of peanut butter! 

This is my goal!

7 days to book launch!

Love Liana 

Have gratitude when you eat

One of the thousands of tools for health is: HAVE GRATITUDE. 

Feeling gratitude while eating and drinking can aid with digestion, and much more. 

We love the foods that taste so delicious and also take care of the body well. 

My Breakfast was greens drink. 1 teaspoon raw dried greens and water. Suited for on-the-go type lifestyle. 


When we are grateful we are grounded. Activate gratitude. 

Just remember "I CAN" when you think you can't. I CAN is a great affirmation. Related artwork at Inner Circle, Venice Beach. 

We are all one! - eat whole foods. 

Next was LUNCH!!! I can I can I can! Cafe gratitude in Venice Beach is amazing. 

Started with beet juice...
..... And yam fries!!!!!     Delicious. 

Next was the most amazing Baked quinoa pasta - gluten free! Tastes amazing. "Health is easy when pasta tastes like this!" Perfect for a Californian Fall. With nut cheese and fresh herbs. 

The menu is like heaven. 

Dessert is always so bright!!! GRATEFUL that this is healthier!!! 

Raw strawberry shortcake !!!! 
With chocolate brownies and plant based ice cream!!!!!!!!!! :))))) plus a raw chocolate ball. Such a treat. A lot of beautiful antioxidants in those desserts. 

And of course I had a herbal tea - aids digestion of raw desserts like these. And adds more antioxidants to the meal. 

Jasmine and green tea. 

Dinner was water! Grateful for the amazing beautiful clean and nutritious foods that my body received today!  

I replied to emails for 2.5 hours. And then I studied google calendar to learn new organization skills and plan the week ahead! 9 days to book launch and the Earth Diet global book tour begins!!! Looking forward to all the wonderful amazing delicious and so nutritious foods I get to enjoy tomorrow. Grateful for that and excited to wake up and eat such deliciousness. 

Still feeling the incredible affects of hiking for 4 hours yesterday!!! :) body is loving it. It feels good here. 

We teach ourselves to feel good in our bodies. 

9 days to book launch!

Good night! :) Love Liana !