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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Day at Miami Beach

Started the day with lots of water and some organic cereal (Nature's Path) by the poolside with my sister! She wrote her travel blog, I had a couple of phone meetings about some exciting collaborations coming up! 

Then we went to the beach. This is definitely my kind of weather hot hot hot! A couple of locals gave us this fresh coconut and we drank the coconut water... Wow so amazing! So fresh! 

For an afternoon snack I had an Earth Diet Chocolate Almond Butter cup. So fulfilling... High in protein and antioxidants. 

These are gold! 

For dinner I had sea weed salad... 

And salmon! 

For dessert I had a green tea and raw chocolate bar! Yum! By the poolside in a divine location which is where I am writing this blog from! 

Will do some yoga and meditation before bed. Will have a nourishing sleep. 

Guess what tomorrow is so exciting! 68 days to book launch!

Love Liana 

Monday, August 18, 2014

My past 3 days of eating

Saturday and Sunday I spent at Jersey Shore. It was fun to seek out the healthiest places possible in this part of Ocean Grove.

Saturday I started the day with Phresh Greens - always good to have greens everyday. Did an hour of exercise on the beach. Ladies it is that time of month beginning today and so I was craving a lot of carbs, proteins and sweets! Enjoyed this amazing coconut milk ice cream covered in peanuts from Eddies Confettis which is on the boardwalk in Asbury Park.

Started my lunch with a tequila shot (agave), lime and real salt. This is the little salt shaker I carry with me everywhere.

Then had some fries with homemade ketchup from Beach Shack also on the boardwalk in Asbury Park. 

For dessert I went back to Eddies Confettis for more coconut milk ice cream! My 3 favorite flavors chocolate, mint chip, cookie dough.

Drank lots of water and green tea too. 

Sunday morning started with Phresh Greens and then gathered up this cool Earth Diet gift pack to send our intern Susie who helped us share health in July and August! Grateful for passionate ambassadors! She gets the original Earth Diet book, bentonite clay, raw chocolate, IAM energy shots and more! 

For breakfast I had the Earth Diet raw chocolate almond butter cup. I live for these. 

For lunch I had this raw chocolate avocado pistachio bar on the beach! Heavenly situation! Made by raw chocolate man and this is high in protein - also helpful for that time of the ladies month! 

2nd lunch some tacos on the beach. 

Dinner included this gorgeous salad with rocket and avocado. 

And free range chicken with saffron rice. 

Then went shopping at Wegmans who have an amazing Natural Health Market - and I prepared breakfast for the next day. 

For breakfast today I had macadamia nuts, natures path cereal with hemp milk, green tea, nectarine, and half a bagel and peanut butter. 

Love getting daily Abraham quotes to my email. This one is a great reminder. 

Ate some organic macadamia nuts on the plane from JFK to Miami Beach! Good food when we are cravings fats and oils and these are a huge upgrade compared with fried foods and trans fats. 

Enjoyed raw chocolate and reading Launch by Jeff Walker on the plane! Getting even more ready for the Earth Diet book launch. 70 days to book launch! 

Huge gorgeous avocado salad for dinner in Miami Beach. 

Looking forward to a nourishing relaxing sleep. Good night! 

Love Liana

Friday, August 15, 2014

Organic Avenue & Pure Food and Wine

Started day with Phresh Greens. 

For breakfast went to Organic Avenue for organic orange juice, lemon shot and vegan brownies. 

Went to NY Hair Co - organic and sustainable hair salon.

For late lunch went to Pure Food and Wine for huge green salad. 

Then had plant based ice cream sundae. Divine. 

In great company with Amanda and Noah the Raw Chocolate Man! 

In the evening I started travels with this 1.5 pound case of raw chocolate - avocado pistachio! 

12 bars! Will be taking these with me to Florida next week. My travel necessities; raw chocolate and Phresh Greens. 

For dinner I ate an a great seafood place by the water in New Jersey. I had edamame, seaweed salad and lobster. I brought my own organic real salt.

73 days to book launch. 

Love Liana! 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

High protein day of eating

Today... 74 days to go to book launch! 

I started the day with a sunrise at Jersey Shore, NJ. I did an hour of running, walking, exercising, stretching, yoga. 

Then I had a Phresh Greens.

20 minutes later I had a hot green tea and a huge plate of cantaloupe/ rock melon! Yum it was so sweet and crisp, soft in the good parts! :) 

Taking a flight with Dwight across to Long Island. They are holding a case of Coconut Raw Chocolate bars! His favorite flavor. 

Happy in the sunshine. 

Take off! With an almond butter cup! Yum love these high protein meals. 

Always taking raw chocolate protein bars with me everywhere... Whenever possiblen haha! Flying over the ocean right by NJ, Long Island and NYC beautiful. 

In NYC. Green Tea and raw chocolate. An empowering quote from Oprah. Remember to request organic teas and coffee at Starbucks and coffe shops so they understand you prefer organic :) 

Had some meetings and hours later went to meet Raw Chocolate Man at Westerly Market. I found this amazing Rice Milk Chocolate Ice Cream covered in nuts! Amazing!!!!! Brand is "Rice Dream". This ice cream blew my mind. First timing trying this flavor. High in protein, but light feeling protein. 

Amazing advertisement on the street! Love it. On the way to Bareburger. 

Organic blueberry soda and organic beer at Bareburger.

Organic free range burger and fries. @bareburger 

Evening up high! :) 

Organic red wine and coconut raw chocolate. 

Dinner was PROTEIN for people who crave heavier fuller proteins you will love this; creamy rice (water and rice) with peppers (capsicum), eggplant and steak pieces from organic sustainable beef from Whole Foods. Added some paprika, garlic, sage, parsley and basil too! With some fresh raw greens to top it off. 

Amazing. High protein day. 

Today we launch the Earth Diet Transformation Giveaway! It's the most healthy products I've ever given away all at once - includes a vitamix, signed Hay House books including Gabrielle Berstein, Anita Moorjani, Dr Christiane Northrup. Also a Dr Bronners pack and a Food Matters pack! :) to enter go here: 20 days left on the giveaway :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A delicious day on the beach!

I spent another day here at Jersey Shore - Ocean Grove - New Jersey! On a quest to nourish my body with as nutrient rich foods at possible while spending a day at the beach with family and friends!

This morning started with a 1.5 Hour workout on the beach that consisted of running, walking, stretching, yoga and meditation. 

Then I had Phresh Greens - my travel companion - for greens on the go wherever I am! 

Next I had an Earth Diet Raw Chocolate Almond Butter Cup. High in protein and antioxidants! 

For lunch we ate on the boardwalk and had a tequila shot with lime and real salt. I carry this real salt with me. 

I had shrimp/prawns and fries! Such great beach food. I brought my organic ketchup - it really bothers me that restaurants still use corn syrup ketchup.

Then I enjoyed a one hour walk on the beach in the beautiful sunshine - it was so nice! After that I found a new juice bar that opened on the boardwalk! This is Kathy the owner and her beautiful employee. Check out Juice Beach on 701 Cookman Ave & 5th Ave on Boardwalk 732-45-JUICE they also do smoothies and organic foods! And hopefully soon raw chocolate! 

I so appreciated this freshly squeezed orange juice. 

Yum after that I discovered this little ice cream stand called Eddie Confetti Ice Cream that had coconut milk ice cream! Blown away by the chocolate, cookie dough and mint chip! Thank you to Eddie for offering this healthier alternative ice cream! This is also located on the Boardwalk in Asbury Park, NJ.

For gluten free people just use a cup instead of waffle cone. Also they serve herbal teas here! Amazing. 

My friends Andrew and Christina went there for their dessert later too! The power of sharing healthy delicious photos on Instagram! 

For dinner I had this amazing rice stir fry and a Beach Ball Sushi roll with shrimp, mango, avocado and crab! Also on the boardwalk at Langosta Lounge! 

Tomorrow I head back into NYC so am looking forward to me fav city places like Pure Food and Wine! 

75 days to book launch!

Love Liana