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Friday, August 1, 2014

The most delicious screen shot

Started Checkout this screen shot of the earth diet Instagram right now! Haha! Amazing collection of earths food and most nutrient rich ingredients. 

Today with the Earth Diet, team and I worked on developing the new website, the health coaching system, and of course the book launch. 

Started the day with another big breakfast yum this was so fulfilling for me in this particular morning; jasmine and green tea, lime water, organic peanut butter on organic spelt bread, avocado toast with real salt and pepper. Oh yeah!!! 

Also went ice cream crazy today, had Chocolate Ice Cream made with coconut milk and Chocolate Chip Mint ice cream made with almond milk. 

So many recipes, all the base recipes in the new Earth Diet book, including ice cream and you can create variations of them with chocolate chip, peanut butter swirl, cookie dough ice cream oh yum. 

This blog would have been on the last day of July 31st and said 11:59, but was slow to load and published at midnight so now it's Friday August 1st!!! And just went from 92 days to book launch, to 91 days book launch! Oh boy! 

Im so present to how Every day really counts. Each day matters in its fullness!

Good night, another day of nourishment and exciting foods to eat tomorrow. And detox foods and drinks too. 

Remember to check out the Detox Summit that's happening now too! It's free to listen to over 30 expert speakers! 

Love Liana 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Dessert day!

This was my big brunch today! Lime water, avocado toast, organic peanut butter on organic spelt bread, and jasmine tea! 

Had some Skype meetings with new Earth Diet Health Coaches, and then in the afternoon went to One Lucky Duck one of my favorite raw vegan cafes in NYC and had a big cup of alkaline water with the Snickers Cake!!! Ahhh so yum!!! 

After that I ate a huge garden haha check out how big this plate of salad is! Also from One Lucky Duck, I had this with a cup of jasmine, peppermint and green tea. 

Came across this today! You might be happy to know that this guy known as the Raw Chocolate Man makes the Earth Diet Raw chocolate available on my website! Handmade high vibe chocolate that is good for us! 

I had some more meetings and then on my way home stopped at Columbus Circle for some nut based ice cream! Yum! Coconut milk and almond milk! 

Great day full of desserts! 

91 days to book launch!

Love Liana 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Attending a NYC event and keeping it earth friendly!

Started today with a greens drink! Was not able to make a fresh one today so I used my travel companion Phresh Greens instead! Get 10% discount off yours at 

For breakfast I had jasmine tea with 2 pieces of organic spelt bread with organic peanut butter. 

For lunch I had this refreshing drink with mango pulp, sparkling water and lime juice. 

After some replying to emails, I had another tea and toast session, and then it was time for me to get ready for The Seed Experience event at Rockin' Raw restaurant lower manhattan. 

I got my hair done at NY Hair Co. Vegan and animal cruelty free salon upper west side! They also use organic products! Amazing! 

Then a Go Green Ride picked me up! 

Obviously very happy about my earth friendly ride!

Wearing toxic free organic make up of course! I love ADORN minerals made in Australia.

Had some snacks at Rockin' Raw. And also a margarita from Skinny Girl.

Now preparing for a solid nights sleep. 

Much love, 
92 days to book launch! 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Eating in between meetings

My view at 7:30am in NYC 

Today was a busy day! It started early and had a lot of scheduled Skype and phone meetings throughout the day. So I started by going to Wholefoods on Columbus Circle NYC and I ate from their buffet, I had organic breakfast potatoes, chicken sausage and bacon with a fresh baked bread roll. Wholefoods called it a heart breakfast - it certainly was! I had a green tea with it to help with the digestion. Antioxidants are helpful to digest a heavier meal. 

Later as I was working my lovely friend Roxxe made me her summer specialty! Mango pulp with sparkling water and fresh lime. Amazing. Refreshing. 

For lunch I had avocado on organic spelt bread freshly baked from Wholefoods. With some real salt and pepper - yum. 

For an afternoon snack I enjoyed this cup of coconut milk ice cream with chunks of raw chocolate! 

After I finished my skype calls (hiring new  Health Coaches to prepare for the book launch) - I went for a 2 hour walk to Central Park which was so so so refreshing. Found love in this leaf. 

I decided not to have dinner since I had some heavier meals today, so I ended the day with a huge glass of water with fresh lime and a calming jasmine tea. This is an easy way for us to do a light daily detox. Speaking of detox, I am a bonus speak for the Detox Summit with over 30 expert speakers including Dr Mark Hyman! To register FREE go to: 

I will wake up nice and hungry. Good night friends! 

93 days to book launch! 

Love Liana 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Starting the day with oil pulling

Started the day with oil pulling using sesame seed oil. Great way to draw toxins out. More info on oil pulling here

Then I had some green juice with celery and kale from the garden. Super nutrient rich. Pure medicine. 

Then I had some cashew cheesecake pop, the last one from batch I made this week. This recipe is in the new book. 

Later I had some raw chocolate from Raw Chocolate Man. 

For dinner I ate at Bareburger again! 3rd time this week well obviously I am excited about finding this organic restaurant chain! 

For dessert I had some organic candy, fruit roll ups. Which is better if I make it myself using just fruit so I plan to make a huge batch next week. 

I wrote my weekly update email to all subscribers, I am excited to announce the month of August is the month of giving! We are giving away 5,000 books to people in a health crisis, people who cannot afford the book or people who just want to receive a gift.

94 days to book launch! 

Love Liana 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Some days we eat more than others

Started the day with fresh organic orange juice from Juice Generation near Columbus Circle NYC. 

Then had organic breakfast from Josie's. 
eggs, bacon, potatoes and muffin. 

Left NYC for Long Island - to visit Sherry's Natural Market in Babylon, had some organic candy... 

And Ice Cream made with Rice Milk. Amazing. 

Then later visited Juice N Blendz also in Babylon on the same street, where I had a Beet Juice with beets, celery, cucumber, lemon and ginger. 

Ate some raw chocolate and cashew cheesecake (that I made a few days ago) in between,

And then had 4 organic free range chicken wings for dinner, baked in the oven cooked with hot sauce and nutritional yeast. 

Had a lot of protein today, as well as sweets and antioxidants. Of course drinking lots of water all day everyday. 

Some days we want to eat more than other days - that's natural! A good reminder is to "be with your body when it is digesting each meal." 

95 days to book launch! Last day to pre-order the book from Amazon this week and get a 12 minute Skype call with me :) 

Love Liana 

Friday, July 25, 2014

Liquid breakfast

I started the day with liquids! Liquids are a great way to get nutrition instantly to the cells!! I had a superfood smoothie, aka cherries, water, almond butter, maca, honey and cacao powder. Also had a Phresh Greens. And a green tea. I drank in order of Phresh Greens to alkalize my body, and then the green tea and then the smoothie! Love this nourishing combination. 

I had a bite of raw chocolate for morning tea. And then for lunch I had this raw pistachio cookie with raspberry icing! From One Lucky Duck. 

My second lunch was this raw Snickers Cake also from One Lucky Duck. So delicious. I can't believe how they make this cake RAW! 

I had some meetings and then made it to a high rise apartment for an Earth Diet Margarita made with lime juice, tequila, coconut sugar and real salt! 

Then I had a bit of this raw chocolate - avocado pistachio! Yum! 

Then I went to Bare Burger with friends on 366 West 46 street NYC 10036. I started with this organic blueberry soda - you can of course add alcohol if you want - Bareburger has organic tequila :) 
Then I shared some sweet potato fries and regular potato fries with organic ketchup! With an organic free range beef burger with lettuce. If we are going to eat these things at least they should be organic ;) 

Their policy is amazing, and they educate people on organic lifestyle with their flyers. Why organic? 

Had a great balance of liquid cellular nutrition today, along with protein and antioxidants. 

96 days to book launch! 

Love Liana